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Medical Assistant Continuing Education (CEU)

Continuing education credits are obtained and recorded in form of Continuing Education Units (CEU), or CE points. This is an accepted means for professionals to stay current in their field, maintain their certification status, attain the highest possible level of qualifications among their peers, and of course, prestige.  

Are you one of them? 

Are you a certified medical assistant with continuing education requirements to maintain your credential but stressing over (not!) getting enough CEUs...

Governing Certification Bodies

Governing certification bodies in the USA, which includes the AAMA, AMT and NHA, firmly believe that continuing education for healthcare professionals and technicians is an absolute necessity. Therefore, they require participation in continuing education programs to maintain their credentials and recertification if the credential has lapsed. Once the credential expired, the professional has to sit for the certification exam all over again.

Goals of Professional Continuing Education (CEU)

  • Keep professionals current on new developments and trends 
  • Provide the necessary assurance of competency 
  • Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the field 
  • Strengthen professional, as well as client confidence 
  • Open doors to better job opportunities, income potential, and promotion.

Certified medical assistants MUST maintain their certification status as "current" in order to continue using the credential. This can become crucial in connection with employment, or job seeking efforts, because employers can contact the certification sponsor at any time to inquire about an individual's certification status. They may also request proof directly from the individual, such as a current certification ID.

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    Many in the healthcare field, including certified medical assistants are in constant need of CEU to maintain their certification status and active and valid.